Foreword -- REBORN

That's the only word that i can say in this montly mag'z (if i can say that this is magazine).

We had published this monthly mag'z a year ago 'till evrybody got busy and this mag'z became neglected.

We used to be called "JAMBUL" (JAM Buletin). I know it was so sad to end the mag'z. we are under a roof of Bethany philadelphia (which resided at Juniper st back then).

I think this is the perfect name to choose to describe evrything about us.

First of all, for this mag'z reborn means we re-publish this monthl mag'z to bless all the youthin this country.

second, reborn means everything for our church. A year ago it was caught in fire, everybody said that it will be the end of Bethany Indonesian Church of God, yet.... yes, reborn. (full story inside)

third, reborn means everything for us, the believers, the children of God. We once was lost but now we are found. Jesus Christ died for us and paid the price. as the bible said that we can not enter the kingdom of God unless we are reborn.... indeed.. REBORN..